2022 National Forensic Science Week

2022 National Forensic Science Week


National Forensic Science Week (September 18-24, 2022) recognizes the contribution that forensic science makes to the criminal justice system. It is an opportunity to celebrate academic programs, forensic professionals, and scientific research in the various forensic disciplines. Throughout the week, the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCOE) will be engaging with the community to bolster our presence and to highlight the impact that forensic science has in the world!

This year, the FTCOE is hosting it's first National Institute of Justice Forensic Science Graduate Research Symposium, as well as bringing back the student research poster session, Murder Mystery event, and practitioner interviews. Subscribe to the FTCOE Newsletter and follow @ForensicCOE on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay up to date on news and events. Stay tuned for everything that the FTCOE has to offer for this year's National Forensic Science Week!

Graduate Research Symposium

This event occurred on September 20, 2022
Duration: 2 hours

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has long hosted an annual Forensic Science Research and Development Symposium in which NIJ grantees present their research findings to promote the transition of research into practice. This inaugural NIJ Forensic Science Graduate Research Symposium aims to provide a similar platform for graduate students and early career scientists. The symposium presents an excellent opportunity for new researchers, including current and former NIJ Graduate Research Fellows, to present their work to a broad audience. This virtual symposium will be held on Tuesday, September 20th from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern and will include two, one-hour sessions, each featuring three, 15-minute oral presentations followed by a live question and answer session.

Student Poster Session

This event occurred on September 22, 2022

As fall semesters are getting back into session and in honor of National Forensic Science Week, the FTCOE would like to highlight student research in the forensic sciences! The FTCOE wishes to thank all the universities, faculty, and students who took the time to prepare poster presentations for submission to this year’s event. We recognize your hard work, and we are here to celebrate and learn from your research.

Murder Mystery Event

Clues released all week long! 

As a part of National Forensic Science Week 2022, the FTCOE is bringing back the Murder Mystery event! Each day of the week, a new evidence-based clue will be revealed on the website. Follow along and test your sleuthing skills to see if you can unravel the mystery! On Friday, September 23rd, you will be able to enter your guess in a mystery-related questionnaire! Then, check the FTCOE website next Monday, September 26th for the case review to see how detectives closed the case!

Ask an Expert

Interviews released all week long! 

The FTCOE has conducted a variety of written interviews with forensic professionals in various forensic science disciplines. From digital evidence to trace analysis and medicolegal death investigation to DNA analysis, the FTCOE showcases real-world perspectives on the current state of forensic science. Read along to see what unique challenges affect each discipline, what advice the interviewees have for early career professionals, what the future may look like in each discipline, and much more!

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