Just the State of Pathology

In episode six of our Drugs Season, Just Science uses the 30-year career of Randy Hanzlick of the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office in Atlanta to explore the field of forensic pathology. Nerd out with Dr. John Morgan and Dr. Hanzlick as they discuss everything you’d want to know about medicolegal death investigation, from the history of forensic pathology, board certifications and standards, to the complexities between the Coroner and Medical Examiner systems and shortages. Also how does this shortage of pathologists link with the Opioid Crisis? Could having more pathologists have helped raise awareness earlier?

This episode of Just Science is funded by the National Institute of Justice’s Forensic Technology Center of Excellence [Award 2016-MU-BX-K110].

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Dr. Hanzlick graduated from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1976. He worked in Atlanta, GA and specialized in Anatomic and Forensic Pathology. Dr. Hanzlick is retired Chief Medical Examiner in Fulton County, Georgia and Emeritus Professor with Emory University School of Medicine.








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