The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE) hosted the Impression & Pattern Evidence Symposium (IPES) on August 5-9, 2012, in Clearwater, Florida. The symposium brought together practitioners and researchers to enhance information-sharing and promote collaboration among the impression and pattern evidence, law enforcement, and legal communities. The symposium also provided unique educational opportunities for forensic examiners in the disciplines of impression and pattern evidence.

Topics included the latest developments and challenges to fingerprint, footwear and tire tread evidence, questioned documents, bloodstain pattern analysis, firearms, toolmarks, and other types of evidence as well as calculation of error rate, testimony, interpretation/reporting, case studies, and technology applications.

Archived Sessions Include:

Bloodstain Analysis
Firearms & Toolmarks
Friction Ridge Impression
Impressions, Footwear and Tire Treads
Questioned Documents
Achieving Excellence in a Limited Budget Environment
Barefoot Morphology
Digital Photography and Digital Enhancements
Recognize, Develop, & Implement: Building on Our Foundation
Intersection of Law & Science in Their Pursuits of Justice
Firearms Admissibility
Examination and Evaluation of Tire Tread Design
Guidelines for a Successful Research Project
Impressions, Footwear, Tires and Others

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