NIJ and North Carolina State University

Report Date

January 2019


“3D-ID has been an invaluable tool for us. Many of our unknown persons come from populations south of the Border. We use this program for every case with great success. It has also been a great tool to combine with chemical isotope data, providing a very accurate and powerful result, even in the most complex cases.” -Erin Kimmerle, PhD, Director, Florida Institute of Forensic Anthropology and Applied Science (IFAAS), University of Florida

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Learn more about 3D-ID, a no-cost software that enables forensic anthropologists to estimate sex and ancestry for unknown crania using a method called geographic morphometric analysis. 3D-ID was funded by the NIJ and developed by Dr. Ann Ross of North Carolina State University.


• This no-cost software is accessible to the public on the 3D-ID website and can be downloaded on any computer running Java 1.5 or later.

• An update regarding the newest features of 3D-ID is provided in this FTCoE webinar.