A Landscape Study of Mobile Evidential Breath Alcohol Instruments

A Landscape Study of Mobile Evidential Breath Alcohol Instruments

Report Date

December 2016


This report provides a landscape of select mobile evidential breath alcohol instruments and factors impacting their implementation and use. Specifically, this report provides decision-makers and potential end users with the following: 1) an overview of the technology and federal/state requirements 2) exemplary situations that illustrate successful adoption 3) lessons learned and key considerations for mobile instrument implementation 4) comparisons of the capabilities of commercially available breath alcohol instruments.

Report Summary

The goal of this report is to provide the reader with a basic understanding of mobile evidential breath alcohol instruments, as well as their use, benefits, and limitations. The information contained herein is derived from current literature and interviews with both users and technology developers, providing a thorough assessment of the considerations that will impact procurement, training, fielding, and use of mobile evidential breath alcohol instruments. This report also provides suggested methodologies for incorporating a mobile breath alcohol instrument workflow to help establish best practices for investigating alcohol-related driving incidents.

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