Fentalogs – Pharmacology, Toxicology & Analytical Approaches

Fentalogs – Pharmacology, Toxicology & Analytical Approaches

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We will review the chemistry of fentanyl, its analogs and precursors, their pharmacology and relative potency, and approaches to identifying novel fentanyl analogs in forensic toxicology casework.

Fentanyl and its analogs, sometimes called “The Fentalogs”, are among the most dangerous of the novel psychoactive substances, and create significant challenges to forensic toxicologists in being able to recognize and definitively identify them, quantify them and interpret these results. Maintenance of a current and relevant scope of testing in death investigation casework is a critical process in being able to certify drug related deaths, and to use that information for threat assessment, harm reduction and drug interdiction. This webinar will review the structural families of the fentanyl analogs, and aspects of their chemistry that assists in their detection and identification. Additionally, we will describe analytical methods for the screening and confirmation of fentanyl and its analogs, considerations about methods and detection limits, the challenges of separating close structural isomers, and the interpretation of toxicological results for priority fentanyl derived drugs and their metabolites, including fentanyl, nor fentanyl, 4-ANPP, Acetylfentanyl, Carfentanil, Butyrylfentanyl, Furanylfentanyl, 3-methyl fentanyl, and emerging related compounds.

Funding for this Forensic Technology Center of Excellence event has been provided by the National Institute of Justice.

A certificate of completion is available for all who register and attend this webinar.

Dr. Barry Logan

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