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Proteomics: Multiplex Assay to Identify Biological Stains


  Approximatley 50 Minutes

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This presentation discusses the development and validation of a rapid multiplex assay for the identification of biological stains using comparative proteomics. Current serological techniques, although historically utilized and relied upon heavily in crime laboratories, have limitations including non-specificity of tests and lack of commercially available tests for vaginal fluid, menstrual blood and anal secretions.  Comparative proteomics has the ability to identify key forensic biological marker proteins in three steps using technology currently available in most crime laboratories. This presentation described the strategy, chemistry and validation of a proteomic biomarker multiplex assay which addresses the limitations of current serological techniques.


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Forensic sciences, Forensic technology, Forensic Genetics


aw Enforcement, Forensic Science, Forensic Technologists, Forensic Genetics

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