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In episode one of the Leadership Special Release season, Just Science interviews Ben Swanholm, the Forensic Science Section Supervisor at the Phoenix Police Department Laboratory Services Bureau. Swanholm discusses his personal leadership style, backed with resources that are helpful to not only forensic scientists, but anyone who is interested in pursuing a leadership role. Along with learning more about the ASCLD Leadership Academy we examine some of the unique ways Phoenix organizes its crime laboratory.

This season of Just Science is funded by the National Institute of Justice’s Forensic Technology Center of Excellence [Award 2016-MU-BX-K110].

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Ben Swanholm is a Forensic Science Section Supervisor who works with the criminal justice community in Phoenix, AZ to provide high quality, efficient, and effective analysis of physical evidence collected from crime scenes. After spending more than a decade in the Phoenix Police Department, Laboratory Services Bureau, Ben believes that forensic science plays a vital role during the investigation and that each case presents itself with new challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Ben has been involved in the processing of evidence in several high profile investigations as well as leading and supporting numerous projects in the laboratory and police department.

Ben holds a BS in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice from the University of North Dakota, a MS in Criminal Justice Administration with an emphasis in Forensic Science Administration from Loyola University New Orleans, and is a Certified Public Manager.


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