The Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center of the American Academy of Forensic Science is supported in part by NIJ’s Forensic Technology Center of Excellence. The HHRRC seeks to utilize the assets of the AAFS to promote the application of contemporary forensic science and forensic medicine principles to global humanitarian and/or human rights projects. Together with the new Chair of the HHRRC, Dr. Dawnie Steadman, the FTCoE invites you to learn more about the history and future of the HHRRC with the following video message.

For more about HHRRC’s work, visit their FTCoE page here.

As Dr. Steadman highlighted in the video message above, the inaugural Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center Poster and Networking Session was hosted at the 2020 AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting in Anaheim, CA. This session was an open meeting where over 200 attendees met HHRRC researchers to learn about the application of forensic science to investigate humanitarian and human rights injustices. The virtual poster session below showcases materials and posters from that event.