Genome ID Forum 2014 – Emerging Forensic Genomic Applications

Genome ID Forum 2014 – Emerging Forensic Genomic Applications


The Genome ID Forum 2014 – Emerging Forensic Genomic Applications was held September 9-10, 2014, in Greenville, North Carolina, and sponsored by the Center for Advanced Forensic DNA Analysis.  This forum was a national collaborative conference that brought together leaders from forensic science, research, academia, law enforcement, legal and technology development for an open dialogue regarding emerging science and technology applications and adoption through the forensic community. Over 65 forensic scientists, lawyers and researchers across the United States and England attended to discuss the implementation of new technologies and scientific applications in forensic human identification represents new challenges in adoption, compliance and acceptance in a court of law. The program included thoughtful round table discussions that provided a meaningful exchange of ideas related to the direction of the forensic community concerning emerging technologies.

Archived Presentations

To support the forensic DNA community, the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE) recorded several talks presented at the Genome ID Forum 2014.

The Critical Role of SNPs in the Future of Forensics  |  Dr. Kenneth Kidd
Emerging Technologies for Human Remains Identification  |  Dr. Timothy McMahon
National Commission on Forensic Science and OSAC Updates  |  Dr. John Butler
Application of Emerging Technologies at NIST  |  Dr. Pete Vallone
Challenges to Implementation of New Technologies at North Carolina State Crime Laboratory  |  John Byrd
Legal Perspective on the Adoption of Advanced Technologies  |  Ted Hunt
Proteomics: Multiplex Assay to Identify Biological Strains  |  Dr. Christian Westring
HD SNP Array Technology for Forensic Casework  |  Dr. Sandra Close