Forensic Science Week 2019

Forensic Science Week 2019


Forensic Science Week recognizes the contribution that forensic science makes to the criminal justice system. This year, Forensic Science Week is being held September 15-22. Throughout the week, the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE) is engaging with the community to bolster our presence and to highlight the impact that forensic science has in the world. Learn more about the exciting events below and follow @ForensicCOE to stay up-to-date on news and events!

Find 2018 Forensic Science Week content here.



This year, the Just Science is kicking off its DNA season in honor of Forensic Science Week. DNA evidence has had a significant impact on the criminal justice system. Since the National Commission on the Future of DNA evidence in the 1990s, DNA has evolved into one of the most respected disciplines in forensic science. The DNA season of Just Science focuses on DNA evidence and its use in forensic investigation. Topics include the impact of DNA evidence, the use of familial DNA in investigations, databases, case studies, and strategies to improve workflow efficiencies. Tune in here!



In honor of Forensic Science Week, the FTCoE is proud to release its Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Toolkit for designing and implementing testing for new and emerging psychoactive drugs. This toolkit was created to help navigate experienced toxicologists through the process of deciding how to update their NPS analytical scope, design and optimize analytical methods, validate methods efficiently and in line with recommended best practices, and implement some strategies for interpretation when these drugs appear in case work. To learn more about this toxicologist tool, click here!


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In conjunction with Paul Speaker and project FORESIGHT, the Workforce Calculator has been released. This project follows a two-year timeline to produce a workforce calculator to be housed on the FTCoE website. The calculator permits a laboratory to identify the personnel required to support a given level of casework within each area of identification and the associated investment in capital equipment to support that level of activity. The intent of the first year is to produce an initial working tool (Beta Calculator), based upon a decade of performance of the most efficient laboratories from Project FORESIGHT. The second year of analysis permits enough time to develop a more sustainable and more detailed econometric analysis as a long-term planning tool. Check out the tool here!


Every forensic science professional is a leader. Our society relies on the credibility and fairness of the criminal justice system. Forensic scientists play an important and fundamental role in the criminal justice community and are key to keeping our communities safe. This is why we are releasing an updated version of our FTCoE Leadership Series during Forensic Science Week. Highly functioning leaders are essential to operational excellence, process and analytical reliability, workforce competency, efficiency, implementation of technologies and best practices, and overall quality in the laboratory. You can take part in the series here!