ASCLD Webinar Series: Rapid DNA Part III

ASCLD Webinar Series: Rapid DNA Part III

The American Society of Crime Lab Directors, along with RTI International, have produced this webinar series designed to investigate the validation, current use, and future implementation of Rapid DNA. This third webinar in the Rapid DNA Webinar series focuses on Rapid DNA (RDNA) integration of booking station instruments into CODIS for enrollment and searching of reference samples in the National DNA Index System (NDIS). This presentation outlines the FBI’s concept for integration of RDNA machines with booking station LiveScan fingerprint instruments and state criminal history records. The concept involves using current LiveScan and Next Generation Identification messaging architecture to allow booking station developed DNA profiles to be submitted to State CODIS Labs and NDIS.

Funding for this Forensic Technology Center of Excellence event has been provided by the National Institute of Justice.

A certificate of completion is available for all who register and attend this webinar.

Thomas F. Callaghan

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