ASCLD Accreditation Initiative

ASCLD Accreditation Initiative


The FTCOE has worked with the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) to promote and support universal accreditation and to promote the value of forensic science accreditation, continuous improvement, succession planning and technical certifications.  In furtherance of these priorities, an ASCLD Domestic Accreditation Taskforce, (ADATF) was established, and worked to partner with labs that have committed, through an agreement, to pursue accreditation within the upcoming year.  As part of this initiative, ASCLD and the FTCOE have built a toolkit to help laboratories achieve accreditation.

The Accreditation Initiative

The ASCLD Domestic Accreditation Taskforce, (ADATF) was established to partner with labs that have committed, through an agreement, to pursue accreditation. The ADATF is comprised of laboratory directors, quality assurance managers and technical subject matter experts that have been trained and certified as Assessors by an accrediting organization and have served in the role as an Assessor for an accreditation program. The ADATF is designed to work in a mentoring and advisory capacity with a laboratory as the laboratory takes critical steps to achieve International accreditation. This taskforce reports to the Board of Directors and the Executive Director who has general oversight of ASCLD initiatives.

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Accreditation Toolkit

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