2023 National Forensic Science Week Puzzles

2023 National Forensic Science Week Puzzles


Each day, the FTCOE will release a crossword and wordsearch puzzle with fun forensic science themes that incorporate some terminology trivia and stress relieving activities for all ages. Find the Terms wordsearches offer a simple, fun activity for all ages while Test Your Knowledge crosswords incorporate forensic science terminology trivia to challenge or entertain forensic scientists in training and in the workforce.  

Advanced Path: Attempt to solve the crossword puzzles first and then use the wordsearch puzzles for hints if you happen to get stuck!

For optimal viewing and interaction, we recommend playing the puzzles on a computer or tablet with a large screen. 

Find the Terms: Wordsearch Puzzles

Test Your Knowledge: Crossword Puzzles

Did you know?

"Computer games can have differential effects post-trauma..."

Key Steps in Developing a Cognitive Vaccine against Traumatic Flashbacks: Visuospatial Tetris versus Verbal Pub Quiz

Background: Flashbacks (intrusive memories of a traumatic event) are the hallmark feature of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, however preventative interventions are lacking. Tetris may offer a ‘cognitive vaccine’  against flashback development after trauma exposure. We previously reported that playing the computer game Tetris soon after viewing traumatic material reduced flashbacks compared to no-task . However, two criticisms need to be addressed for clinical translation: (1) Would all games have this effect via distraction/enjoyment, or might some games even be harmful? (2) Would effects be found if administered several hours post-trauma? Accordingly, we tested Tetris versus an alternative computer game – Pub Quiz – which we hypothesized not to be helpful (Experiments 1 and 2), and extended the intervention interval to 4 hours (Experiment 2).

Citation: Holmes, E., James, E., Kilford E., & Deeprose, C. (2012, Corrected). Key Steps in Developing a Cognitive Vaccine against Traumatic Flashbacks: Visuospatial Tetris versus Verbal Pub Quiz. PLOS ONE 7(11):

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