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NIJ and JENSEN HUGHES: Advancing the Forensic Analysis of Ignitable Liquid Fuel Fires, February 2018

“Dr. Gottuk’s work has reduced the number of inaccurate arson determinations based on low burns and holes in the floor. It has even played a role in reversing some wrongful convictions based on the misconception that ignitable liquids burn holes in floors.” ‒John Lentini, CFI, D-ABC Scientific Fire Analysis, LLC


NIJ and Florida International University: Forensic Epigenetics – Markers for the Identification of Body Fluids, February 2018

“Our laboratory is excited about DNA epigenetic markers as they offer the possibility of an objective confirmation of what cell type the DNA profile is originating from. If proven, the methodology could replace traditional serological approaches to body fluid confirmation.” — Mark Powell M.Sc., F-ABC Crime Lab Manager, San Francisco Police Dept.