2018 IPTES Plenary – Opening Remarks & Statistical Approaches

2018 IPTES Plenary – Opening Remarks & Statistical Approaches

IPTES was designed to bring together practitioners and researchers to enhance information-sharing and promote collaboration among the impression, pattern, and trace evidence analysts, law enforcement, and legal communities. This original Live Webinar took place on 01/24/2018.

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE) are committed to improving the practice of forensic science and strengthening its impact through support of research and development, rigorous technology evaluation and adoption, effective knowledge transfer and education, and comprehensive dissemination of best practices and guidelines to agencies dedicated to combating crime. The future of forensic sciences and its contribution to the public and criminal justice community is a motivating topic to gather expertise in a forum to discuss, learn, and share ideas.

Opening Remarks 

Gerald LaPorte, MSFS, Director, Office of Investigative and Forensic Sciences, NIJ

DOJ’s Support of Forensic Science 
Ted Hunt, JD, Senior Advisor to the Attorney General on Forensic Science, DOJ

Statistical Approaches to Forensic Interpretation

Reality Check — What Is Expected from Expert Witnesses
Steven Lund, Ph.D., National Institute of Standards and Technology

Challenges Faced by Experts When Communicating Forensic Evidence to Triers of Fact: A Statistician’s View
Hari Iyer, Ph.D., National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Use of Similarity Measures (Scores) to Quantify the Weight of Forensic Evidence
Cedric Neumann, Ph.D., South Dakota State University

Statistical Analysis in Forensic Science Evidential Value of Multivariate Data 
Daniel Ramos, Ph.D., Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

The Anatomy of Forensic Identification Decisions: Rethinking Current Reporting Practice in a Decision-Theoretic Perspective 
Alex Biedermann, Ph.D., University of Lausanne

Statistical Approaches Panel Discussion
Steven Lund, Hari Iyer, Cedric Neumann, Daniel Ramos and Alex Biedermann

Multiple 2018 IPTES Presenters