Webinar: 2016 NSAPS Panel 9 – Funding & Resources to Solve SA Cases [Archival]

Webinar: 2016 NSAPS Panel 9 – Funding & Resources to Solve SA Cases [Archival]

The National Institute of Justice, through its Forensic Technology Center of Excellence hosted “Looking Ahead: The National Sexual Assault Policy Symposium” on September 8-9, 2016, in Washington D.C.

The panel highlighted some of the major national funding sources for testing sexual assault evidence, investigating sexual assault cases, and developing multi-disciplinary or sexual assault response teams (SARTs). The symposium focused on how the nation is moving forward and finding solutions to the complex issues that arise in sexual assault cases and in testing sexual assault evidence. This webinar was recorded in its entirety at the time of the live event in order to capture the one-on-one interaction with the presenter.

Funding for this Forensic Technology Center of Excellence event has been provided by the National Institute of Justice.

A certificate of completion is available for all who register and attend this webinar.

Multiple Sexual Assault Symposium Presenters

Kristina Rose, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the VP

Panel Members:
Martha Bashford, Chief, Sex Crimes Unit, New York County DA
Denise E. O’Donnell, Director, Bureau of Justice Assistance, US DOJ
Bea Hanson, Principal Deputy Director, Office on Violence Against Women, US DOJ
Nancy Rodriguez, Director, National Institute of Justice, US DOJ
Joye Frost, Director, Office for Victims of Crime, US DOJ

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